Coding is one of the few things in the world that is completely logical. Every bit of code is precisely engineered. Every line has a place and a reason. Yet coding springs from the minds and hands of humans, a group that is inherently illogical. Coding allows us to achieve precision and perfection. It is my inspiration.

// Currently, I am proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, and Python. Check out my GitHub.

Aerial Arts

Flying through the air, flipping down a silk, and juggling spheres of magic can be compared to nothing. Aerial arts is not a sport but a passion. Watch a video of a short clip for a partner lyra routine from two years ago or a more recent solo trapeze act.

Bit by Bit

I was the director for Bit by Bit, a nonprofit that diversifies the community of ponderers and creators by equipping the next generation with the tools of technology, thinking, and leadership to improve the world. I ran the program Form and Function, an online after school middle school program that teaches HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for around 300 students. I developed the curriculum, trained over 30 volunteers, and helped lead a team that made interactive tutorials for the complex coding concepts. I want to help people see the beauty behind the binary.

Currently, I am on the Board of Advisors for Bit by Bit.


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